Mary Swan Art 
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By carrying out regular visual excavations of London's streets and waterways both by day and night, I attempt to capture its unique atmosphere. I race back to the easel to record what I see and feel through my use of smoke-like washes alongside thick layers of vivid pigment and contrast.  

The distinctive London light, when it shows, envelops the streets, buildings, waterways and all that lies betwixt and between with a phosphorus half-light.   

My love of painting and drawing and a compulsion to record what remains, comes from a lifetime of seeing London's past slowly, sometimes quickly disappear and suffocate.  Buildings and streets which hold the memories of celebration and trauma within brickwork and cobble are still there, just.  It is these memories I race to capture before they too become as rare as the light.  

Ultimately, there really has to be a connection with you the viewer and a picture. Anything less is just mere decoration or wallpaper and if you are lucky, you make a connection to a piece that can last a lifetime. If you happen to feel this with my work, the picture would have done it's job and so would I.

Hopefully my works have made that connection with you.  



Fog, rain and the ephemeral


Mystery and drama


City and landscapes

A picture is worth a thousand words; let me share my world with you.